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03-03-2013, 06:19 AM
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Originally Posted by LiveeviL View Post
Still you are in a position where you go by metrics of the opposition and find that it was tougher in 2006. But let me say this, back in 1994 we were in no position to make estimates of our chances to win. Why? we hadn't had any chance to win it for decades and it wasn't like we saw it coming either.

In 2006 we knew our value and position, it wasn't unexpected that we actually could win.
Yeah but i still maintain that it was delusional. That anybody viewed or views it as better than 1987 is just sick. Of course it does'nt help that Kariyas penalty shot is often aired when we see highlights of it, i know people that takes that as uniformed proof that we actually won against premiere opposition. We also just happened to have many former NHL-players on our team along with Forsberg which also fools people, while at the same time takes quite a bit of the surprise out of that we actually won.

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