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03-03-2013, 06:24 AM
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Originally Posted by pvr View Post
Look, I've lived in Michigan for almost 20 years, and have shared Wings season tickets every one of those. I'm in the huge minority on this board, but they're my second favorite team. I've watched the vast majority of their guys come through Grand Rapids over the years.

I don't recall us ever complaining about the Wings' pathetic years when they were know as the "Dead Wings" or "Dead Things". Every team goes through up and down cycles. Our owner had to leave this earth for the Hawks to improve. And certainly, reading the threads from both sides, the Wings fans do come here and troll way more than the other way around, always looking to discredit Hawks accomplishments, or denigrate the team or its players. An annoying fact. Regardless of whether you realize it, your post is more of the same.

While obviously you mean no harm, it's annoying that you come into this thread, which serves as a catharsis for our feelings, and tell us that it doesn't matter who we play our games against. You're looking at it from a Redwings fan perspective on a Hawks board. It's not just about the Wings, it's just that the Wings are the last team left in a continual chipping away that's left us with NO historical matchups for the huge majority of a season. The Wings are the Hawks last stand over the years of realignments.

It is important for the Hawks to keep some connection to the 5 and 11 other teams against whom they have played the greatest historical number of games. They are now on an island with really only the St. Louis Blues as an important rival in the new alignment. From my standpoint, being a relative old-timer in these parts, that sucks. I have to say, I don't care about any of the west coast teams, am intrigued a bit about the Avalanche (mostly because of their full-on tilts against the Wings), and am conflicted about the Stars/Wild. That's it.

The teens and 20-somethings here might not care because they know nothing else, but I do. I'd love to hate the Rangers again for a reason besides them being a New York team. I used to really dislike Ratelle, Hadfield, Gilbert, Park, Giacomin et al. Still hate the Canadiens, but even that's fading. Nothing is left. It will take 20 years for me to care about San Jose, Winnipeg, Phoenix/whoever, etc...

There are a bunch of realignment options on Hockey Prospectus that I gave links to earlier in this thread. From my standpoint, 30 options easily would have been better than this one.

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