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03-03-2013, 07:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
he is elite right now, let's stop pretending that leading the league in wins for a team that was pegged as a lottery contender, 1 season removed from a dead-last in the conference finish icing 2 rookies in their top-9 and starting the season without their top (or 2nd best) dman, reflects anything but that...
I usually agree with you 99.999999999% of the time so it's actually pretty great to see that we can disagree on something...

But you have to stop with this ""pegged as a lottery contender" thing. Nobody can really predict what's going to happen. Nobody is ever right at predicting but it doesn't make the teams that plays the game worst because the supposed "experts" aren't seeing as it will happen. Sure, everyboyd knew Boston would be great and they are. So they got that one right. But aside from going with player for player and so on, you have to take into account injuries....and how the team buys a system and so on (see Ottawa). So nobody knew Toronto would be up there...everybody was forgetting Kadri ever existed and yet...he's now the second coming of Gretzky. Does it make him less good because no one saw him? Same for a team. And in a league based on parity, it's also impossible to put teams in their place (except for a Columbus....or Edmonton, though even Edmonton was SUPPOSED to NOW be good....but we'll wait another year till they will NOW be good...but we'll wait another year...and so on)

And again, with everything being said, if we play the hypothetical game, Rangers win their 2 games in hand and we're just 7 points from being out of the playoffs. So if that happens, are we really THAT good? Or are we just lucky that we will only have 48 games to play this year 'cause 7 points in a 82-game season isn't too big...but other teams might have a tougher time to rack up in the standings based on the short season and based on the fact that nobody plays the west, making it inevitable for teams to be eliminated 'cause they are always playing against each other. I's for everybody. Everybody plays with the same rules. But we are discussing the greatness of this team and its goalie.

Just that now that long ago we were being reminded..."But we are 1st in the conference" (obviously forgetting the 4-5 games in hand Boston had and we're going to win) now, it's "But we are close to 1st"...but then Ottawa, Toronto and Jersey aren't too far away so in the end...we might very well be close to not having a playoff spot, probably saved by the short season and/or the terrible weakness of the other teams. Having said that, we are doing better than most had hoped. Yet, with a new coach, it's often what happens. I doesn't apply to Calgary...nothing ever does....

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