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03-03-2013, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
Here is a question for you...Would the Bruins deal Horton to Edmonton for Hemsky if the Oilers carried half of the salary?

I ask because this is the part of the deal that makes sense from the Oilers perspective. Of course absent cap issues they don't do this deal. But as it is Horton will be tough to resign without making a fair number of other moves. Hemsky at $2.5M even for one year is a very good asset.

The Bruins have roughly $11M next year to sign 7 players. Assuming Rask gets $5M which is not at all unreasonable for a guy with his numbers, that leaves $6M for 6 slots.

Otherwise, Smid and Paajarvi for Ference and a very late first rounder is a big win for the Bruins. I don't see the Oilers wanting to do as well as exchanging Hemsky and $2.5M in cap space for a player who might well become a UFA if Boston does not sign him.
i havent heard anything reguarding rumors one way or the other if Boston is considering moving Horton but I can see some logic in this move. The Horton/Lucic/Horton line has had moments over the past couple years where they havent really clicked on all cylnders. They had a hard time last year being plus players even when our team was going great. Obviously, for two years in a roll, Horton has finished the season on the IRL with a concusion. And now he is a pending ufa on a team that has cap issues looming.

So, I think it is at least possible that the team might make this move. I personally am not a very big fan of Hemsky and I wouldn't really be interested in this move myself. To me, Hemsky is the type of a guy a winning team is willing to give up to get a rental like Horton for the playoff run. By himself, Hemsky wouldnt really interest me enough to take this type of gamble. Obviously though, I dont make Boston's decesions for the team and so far they haven't given Horton an extension so read into that what you wish.

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