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03-03-2013, 09:25 AM
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Not 100% on the Bauer Reakt. I tried a bunch of different cages and didn't love any of them in the store. I think though I might just be getting too picky and once I hit the ice it will be different. Also hoped the Reakt would be lighter but going from a medium 9500 that was already pretty light to begin with.

Er, I should talk about the cage installation.

The large Reakt, at least compared to my medium 9500, fits the curve of the Easton helmet better up top. Meaning it only barely rests against the plastic rather than slamming against it. I did have to pull the sides apart slightly to clear the side screws. Because it fit better, and the size of the cage, and because the Reakt is more of a "bubble" look vs a straight look, I put the J-clips up higher so it doesn't jut out as much.

Where the medium 9500 stopped mid-chin when the helmet was at the right position (1" above the eyebrows per the manual), the large Reakt stops just at the bottom of the chin. It is definitely a bit shorter than the E700 and probably just about every other cage out there. The large E700 if the helmet was sagging a bit forward could knock into the chest. Doesn't happen with the Reakt.

Also, the Reakt has matte finish titanium which is different than the chrome of the 9500. Titanium is a little darker metal (I'm shopping for wedding bands now, it's more of a neutral gray compared to others). It does make the bars look a bit thicker than the 9500 but we'll see if it's a difference on the ice. FWIW I never had a "glare" issue with the 9500.

The new chin cup also seems lighter and doesn't slide up and down as easily (which is good).

Still not the best looking cage, but seems to be a little better than the 9500?

You can see they changed the outside frame a bit and put the chin straps up higher (they now work with the Easton helmet with room to spare). The bottom extends further although I'm not sure if that's a medium vs large thing. All the sight bars seem to be the same.

Reakt on the left.

On the helmet, the shiny one is the 9500, dark one is the Reakt.

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