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03-03-2013, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Dorado View Post
Camp is no excuse . The guy is a gym rat and his physique shows it . Don't flame me but I'm not convinced of his hockey game . In open hockey where no one defends and it's breakaways and all offense I bet he's awesome . In WJC he was good in the slot and PP and that kind of hockey in general. in college same thing good PP player great if he got behind a Defense and went one on one . He needs to get better at carrying th puck , retrieving th puck , moving his feet . Hitting people, cycling all things about the NHL game where everyone else is pretty big and fast .
He shoots well , he looks good off th rush . His play in traffic or otherwise " actual hockey " looks contrived , confused , constipated .
I think he will get there at some point to some level of NHL compete t player but I'm leaning towards a Jason Chimera not a James Neal or Erik Cole
I think this is pretty fair. But even if camp isn't an excuse, it is a plausible explanation to at least some of his struggles. Being a gym rat and exremely fit (which he is) doesn't mean he has the training foundation that would benefit him the best. If you compare his skating this year with how he looked when he played in the playoffs , he looks half a step behind. He doesn't have that edge anymore, and I think that's what's cuasing him to look "confused". he doesn't know how to respond because he's put / puts himself in situations he's not used to.

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