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03-03-2013, 10:57 AM
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Let me help you a little bit with a guide to some of the more frequent posters here.

Kaoz - 90% insightful, 10% unstable. At some point he will get mad at you, but don't take it personally. Likes David Krejci, would just like to trade him even more.

DKH - Mastered the art of skillfully giving and defending his opinions without anyone actually noticing that he just made your foolish opinion look even dumber. If he crypitcally gives inside information it might be coming directly from the ghost of Art Ross. He is that connected.

MorrisWanchuk - Still smarting from the loss of Barry Goldwater, but he is committed to rooting for this Bruins team that represents the People's Socialist Republic of Massachusetts anyway.

Kate08 - Very informed, logical, and reasonable season ticket holder that has never met a dissenting opinion she couldn't passive aggressivley snark at.

WhamBamCam8 - He can rip your head off, as in actually rip it off. Since he can't do this in the state of New Jersey he constantly hopes for the day when he can live vicariously through Milan Lucic ripping the head off a player that looked at Rask weird. (Note: He is a big fan of mine, so remember this when insulting me, because, again, he can rip your head off.)

LadyFan - Sits right next to the Bruins bench next to the back-up goalie. Cares about the Bruins the way a Mama Grizzly cares about her cubs being approached by hunters. Required by law to stay at least 500 feet away from Matt Cooke.....but we all know it is only a matter of time.

All of our Mods - Roughly one million ****ing times better than most Mods, especially the other Northeast team Mods. Unlike other team's mods, they will allow the stupid, useless, baseless opinions of other fans to be posted so we can promptly laugh at them.

Artemis - She agrees with you that Bruins players have flaws just like any other team, she just hasn't found them yet.

sooshii and ODAAT - um....geez.....this is awkward....I don't have any jokes about them. I don't think anybody dislikes either of them in anyway. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize these are the two weirdest freaks on here since they are smart, funny, and have no enemies. *******s.

Everyone else - Going to complain because I didn't include them in this write-up.

EverettMike - Good-looking.

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