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03-03-2013, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by theTTC View Post
This is brilliant - criticizing the state-of-Leafs-nation when we finally have a winning record and, more importantly, a team that obviously wants to play and sacrifice for this coach. A coach who is playing young players without the threat of demotion to the minors if they make one mistake. Tough guys getting enough minutes to protect and make room on the ice for Grabo, Kessel, Kadri and JVR to dance and do their scoring thing. I'm sure RC doesn't mean any personal insult to the veteran guys having to sit, but the coach is paid to bring success whatever that takes.

For the first time in a decade there is a light at the end of the failure tunnel.

You call this "stubborn"? What an unbelievable pile of crap being spewed by the overwhelming number of mental midgets lurking in this forum.
Slow down there mr TTC.........I believe most Leaf fans are pleasantly surprised by the way the team is playing. Better than I expected for sure...but lets not get carried away..they are 4 games over .500 in a surprisingly weak Eastern Conference where the Montreal Canadiens sit atop....not to diminish the efforts of the Leafs because they have been entertaining...but there is always room for improvement and discussion about the hockey team. Thats all that is happening here. Nothing wrong with debating the merits of Orr playing alongside Kadri or the amount of ice time given to certain players. Nothing. Thats the fun of sports. The Hawks haven't lost in regulation time yet but I bet there are fans questioning the decisions of their head coach every game..LOL.

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