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Originally Posted by axecrew View Post
Seriously????????????????......................... ...Seriously??????????????

Levin not owning the Wolves? Where'd you hear that juicy nugget? Funny.....A chicago tribune, chicago daily herald, and also a chicago sun-times article....(yes all 3 had articles) Don Levin was quoted as saying he has no intention of selling the Wolves and in fact was recently quoted in a different interview as saying he really would like to own an NHL team so that he'd have more control over players coming to the Wolves. That doesn't sound like a guy looking to get rid of the Wolves.....well maybe on bizzaro world it might.
Believe scenario has a much better chance at playing out before summer than a sale of phx and a move to an arenaless city in Seattle.
Calm down Axecrew! I still believe your scenario over Hutch's. The simplest plan always has the best chance of working out. I rarely read the Chicago papers, but I don't expect Don Levin to suddenly pull up stakes and move the Wolves to Canada. It is more likely that he buys a team or gets a future NHL expansion team for Seattle to affiliate with. As we all know, he can change affiliates without moving the Wolves!

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