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Originally Posted by White Plains Batman View Post
It makes sense that the 90s would be so influential based not only on content, but there was a lot of explosive stuff happening in the early 90s that caused great art to be made;

HIV/AIDS becoming a mainstream problem after Magic Johnson admitted to having it, The Gulf War Conflict, Rodney King/LA Riots, backlash of hair metal.
Spoken like someone who thinks history started in 1990

Seriously, every decade had it's highly inspirational problems. The Cold War and fears of nuclear annihilation was a backdrop for every decade from the 1950s until the end of the 80s, for instance. Civil Rights marches, Cuban Missile Crisis, assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, and the Vietnam war in the 60s. Terrorism, Vietnam, Russian invasion of Afghanistan, oil embargoes, economic stagnation and inflation (a.k.a. stagflation), the Iranian Revolution and embassy hostages in the 70s...fears that the Soviets would launch missiles, the explosion of the Challenger, invasion of Grenada, famine in Ethiopia, increased manufacturing competition from Japan and the sunsetting of a number of American industries, the fall of the Iron Curtain...serial killers throughout each decade...all sorts of troubles that can inspire singers from all walks of life. The 90s had no monopoly on it, and I say that as someone who voted for the 90s as my favorite decade.

Oh, and AIDS became a mainstream problem in the 80s after Rock Hudson died from it. Magic Johnson brought it to the forefront again after several years, but it was a boy named Ryan White that was the poster boy for "everyone can get it" - he died after contracting HIV through a blood transfusion. Johnson was predictable because he was promiscuous. But it was Rock Hudson's death in the early 80s that shocked everyone.

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