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03-03-2013, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
Besides, this thread is about his contract as well, and has been bumped a lot by people showing positives in DD's game.

The hyper sensitivity about Desharnais is weird. (As is some of the senseless bashing)

He's a good player, with strong points and weak points, like most hockey players. His case is curious since he's up for contract renewal, and since he's relatively old for his 2nd year in the league, people will keep a closer eye on him.

Par for the course on a hockey message board. We can't talk about Youppi all day, right? Or.....can we????? hmm.....
His case is curious for this : It's his 2nd complete season only in the NHL. In his first complete season, he dominated and put up 60 points, while helping Pacioretty and Cole to achieve career seasons. Every other fanbase would be thrilled to have such a player on their team, especially since he's a local player, especially considering his personal story (undrafted, had to prove himself at every level since ECHL, etc.).

Actually, the Montreal fanbase IS thrilled to have him, as expected. But hey, this is the Habs HFBoards. And this is where his case becomes curious : Where did he find that many bashers, here, specifically? Why are people not more excited about having such an offensive force, a local player, who cost almost nothing, with a cinderella story, on the team? Why?

I've been here for long enough. This story repeats itself again and again. Let's not pretend we don't know why.

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