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03-03-2013, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Reds4Life View Post
I'd take Makarov over Bossy any day.
Same here. Hard to argue with the NHL numbers when all is said and done, and Bossy certainly had some compete level to him, but from everything I have seen of Makarov, and read through the years, he might deserve to be held in a slightly higher "calibre" tier with guys like Fedorov. Maybe he wouldn't have worked as well with Trottier (imagining the "in a vacuum" replacement of one by the other), who knows, but I'm of the belief that a team's depth chart becomes even stronger by replacing a guy like Bossy with a guy like Makarov.

"Problem" is, that all-time rankings heavily weigh "career value" (and value NHL career numbers and championships almost infinitely more than those from other leagues for lots of people), so it's still hard to imagine a North American majority (HFboards) voting Makarov above Bossy "all-time".

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