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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
You are correct. CP is a top goalie in the NHL, and we are damn lucky to have him. But I want wins under pressure. I want stolen games.

LG you are cup driven, you should know this is what counts. There is reason to be concerned about Price's ability to do this.
So you wouldn't be happy with Lundqvist then?

I mean come on man... every goalie (except Roy and Dryden) goes years without winning the cup and then (hopefully) someday they do. It doesn't make sense to label him a bum if he doesn't win.
Originally Posted by bsl View Post
No I don't trust Price when it comes to the playoffs, specifically in OT. I trust Patty Roy in OT. Ken Dryden in OT. Jaques Plante in OT.
Plante, Dryden, Roy... all were great goalies but dude all had much better teams in front of them. If you're in OT, you need your team to score right? Who was going to do this for us? Scott Gomez? I don't know about you but I'd rather have Guy Lafleur or Maurice Richard helping me out.

And like I said... there's not going to be another Patrick Roy. And even Roy had Robinson and Chelios helping him out. There's no way Roy would take the teams we've had over the past couple of years to a cup.
Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Price let in OT goals that lost us the series against Boston. Were they impossible to stop? Probably. I don't care. I want Price to make impossible stops in the playoffs, and I don't see him doing that, yet.

Sorry LG, but end of story.
He was spectacular. He's given us many reasons to believe, I don't see why you continue to doubt. We didn't lose because of him man, we lost in spite of him. You keep asking for reasons to believe... I haven't seen any reasons to doubt.

He lost to Tim Thomas who had a better team in front of him. Price had a Vezina like year and we STILL only managed 93 points but Price took it to 7 games OT and the Bruins went on to win the cup. So yeah he lost but Roy lost to Hasek... Plante lost to Sawchuk... Dryden lost to... okay well Dryden never lost to anybody but that's beside the point. There's no shame in losing to Thomas and we easily could've won if some of our guys could actually score.

What goalie who is around today would you rather have?
Originally Posted by Prallchengher View Post
On a Carey Price scouting report, these things should be on his "weaknesses list":
1. Will go out of net to play the puck and risk turning it over. Exhibit A: Rich Peverley's goal. Exhibit B: Crosby nearly stealing it in the 3/2/2013 game.
He's a great puck handler... no reason to let one bad game colour this.
Originally Posted by Frankenheimer View Post
My only issue with price is that sometime he looks like he goes to sleep, especially in low shot games. Brodeur was also on a low shot team but managed to stay focused all game. This is a purely psychological issue he needs to work on.
They used to say this about Roy all the time. They said he looked 'Dopey'. And for a couple of years folks started to talk about wanting to trade him... then he won his 2nd cup.

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