Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Bennett recalled again on 4/7
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03-03-2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Sidney the Kidney View Post
I'd like to see him get more minutes than he's getting. He's proving he's not a defensive liability out there (usually the thing that gets rookies limited minutes), and he's one of the better skilled guys offensively.
Dude, chill out. He's only played a handful of games. The primary thing you want to do is make sure this player feels comfortable and isn't in over his head or has fragile confidence. The 2nd thing you want to do is make sure that having this player in your line-up isn't hurting the team. The 3rd thing you want to do is make sure they are physically & mentally prepared for a larger role. The 4th thing you do is give him a taste with better players and see how he does (and he got a few shifts with Geno before he got injured, and Geno is still out, so this isn't an option right now). Once this is all done, and if everything is going well, then you start to bump up his ice time and see how things go. Jesus, people are so damn impatient and unrealistic.

Originally Posted by Captain Hook View Post
Agreed. I feared he'd be a soft, finesse, floater type out there. The most pleasant surprise about his game so far is he actually competes hard and can win those board battles you mentioned.
That's what a summer training with TR Goodman will do for you. I can't wait to see how good BB is going to be after yet another summer of training with TR. I think next year he will be a breakout player.

Originally Posted by JimsDoors View Post
I feel he could be one of those top 6 wingers and fit just fine on the 2nd line. His abilities are being wasted on the 3rd line by playing with TK. Like someone else said, on the 3rd line he'll just end up being the next Morozov
That last sentence is a bunch of crap. Bennett and Morozov have nothing to do with each other. That's called cherry-picking B.S. for your argument. Bennett has already shown more hustle and physicality in a few games than Morozov did in his whole time in the NHL. If Bennett is playing on the 3rd line, he will be getting better and better at being a full 200-ft player in the NHL, while also providing a burst of offense to that line. Sprinkle in the odd shift with our stars and some time on the 2nd PP unit, and that's a perfect scenario for Beau, if he is not ready to handle 18+ minutes with Malkin/Neal.

If he was getting 4th line action with Vitale/Adams and playing 5 minutes per night, that would be a different story.

Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
absolutely. he should be getting regular third line shifts over TK. With how the lines are now, he should at the very least be getting regular shifts with TK and Jeffrey when they are out there. I just don't get that.
Originally Posted by mpp9 View Post
If he was losing boards battles, turning the puck over, floating and/or just looking a step slow for the NHL game, then yes, I'd say send him back down. But he's not. He's NHL ready. Let's see if he can be an upgrade for us in the top 6 this season. If not, we likely don't have a place on the team for him and he can be sent down.
We are going to find out, very soon, if BB can be an option on Geno's line and if he can handle top-6 minutes this season. If he can't, but still is performing well on the 3rd line, I don't mind keeping him there.

And Ogrezilla and others: I disagree about 2 things you mentioned. Number 1, I disagree that BB isn't a good fit with Malkin and Geno. I think he would be perfectly fine there. Neal's job is to be the monster forechecker he was last season; and we've all said, BB has been surprisingly good with his speed, forechecking and strength in that regard. Also, he has the intelligence to play with those players, and he has the skill to take advantage of all the open room he will get by people double-covering Malkin & Neal. I actually think it could be a good fit.

Number 2: I'm not convinced that BB would be any better, or even as good, on the RW as he is on the LW. When he was drafted, he was known to be a guy who could play either wing. I still feel that way. I remember after Neal's first season when he didn't score and then watched him play LW with Rick Nash in the WC's and always saw Neal going down the right side, and I stated on these boards: "I'd like to see Neal get looks on the RW instead of LW". And Bylsma saw that, too, and the result was a 40 goal year last season. When I watch Bennett, I see a guy who spends A LOT of time on the left side. I think his vision, playmaking ability and being open for a one-timer *might* make him a better fit as a LWer. The jury may still be out on this, but I see him as a LWer going forward, and that would especially be the case if we traded for (i.e. Setoguchi/Stewart/Kulemin) a winger, or signed a UFA in the summer (Perry/Iginla) because all of those guys would be good fits on the RW. BB may be better on LW short and/or long term.

Also, what's getting a bit lost in the "let's scratch Tyler Kennedy and put BB there instead" discussion, aside from the fact that they are playing different positions (LW vs RW) is the play of Dustin Jeffrey, and how he may look as a winger. No, Jeffrey hasn't lit the world on fire, and I wouldn't expect him to only because of how much time he has missed and unfairly been scratched for. But IF when Malkin comes back and they want to see DJ on the left side, how about a 3rd line of Jeffrey-Sutter-Bennett, and bump TK down or out (or if TK gets traded). Or if BB plays LW with Malkin/Neal, how about Jeffrey-Sutter-Cooke (the latter can play RW). There's a bunch of different options of how to configure our top-6, but I think Jeffrey deserves to be in the mix and should NOT be scratched any further. Worst case scenario, if Jeffrey can't stick in the top-9, let Glass sit out and role a 4th line of Adams-Jeffre-Vitale. Lots to think about.

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