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Originally Posted by Kjell Dahlin View Post
Next year Galchenyuk will be 19 years old... will he be ready to assume C duties?

Assuming Galchenyuk is ready to assume C duties in 2013-14, Plekanec will still be the one facing tougher opposition. In that scenario, Eller would look good on Plekanec’s wing.

Assuming Galchenyuk is not ready to assume C duties in 2013-14, the status quo upfront (3 well balanced lines + a strong 4th line) is, thus far, a winning recipe.

We don’t have a lot of “Elite” qualities in this team: Price is an overall elite player, Subban, his defensive zone decision thought process aside, is on the verge of reaching an elite status... Markov lost a step but a lot of aspects in his game show elite signs, Galchenyuk already has an elite shot, Kaberle’s passing skill and composure on the point during PP is elite, Pacioretty has size, speed, work ethic and a strong shot... and Desharnais has an elite vision.

Contrary to you (“My concern with DD isn't that he'll ask for X amount of money, it's that there are only a few center spots available...”), I do put a lot of emphasis on his current and next contract. The guy has flaws (see my previous post) but, as I already mentioned, with an alert coach behind the bench, he can be a cap friendly (as in: use the money elsewhere) secondary scoring centre.

In fact, because of his elite vision and high compete level, he would be a chirurgical and deadly weapon.
The word 'chirurgical' would be 'surgical' in english. Not picking on your post, just thought you'd like to know.

I'm not concerned because I just don't think it'll be all that much. DD doesn't strike me as a guy to go out and ask for the world. If he does, though, the

As for his vision, not sure I'd put it as 'elite'. Very good, sure, but he'd need to go another coche or two higher to be 'elite' in my eyes. But really, that's semantics, I guess everyone has their own definitions. I wouldn't have his vision/passing in the same league as a marc savard or MSL, for example. I've got him pegged as somewhere just under Tanguay in terms of vision and passing.

As for galchenyuk. I think he will need to start learning in a sheltered environment not unlike what Desharnais has had. Easy minutes, offensive starts and so on so that he can start improving. He won't come in and dominate ES next year, but I think it's the time for him to start learning how, assuming he comes in next year not quite as ****** on faceoffs. In which case, I don't want two soft minute centres in the top 9.

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