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Originally Posted by Joe Canadian View Post
But I don't think Burke's problem right now is ignoring stats, it's that he pays too much attention to "skills", like truculence, that don't win Stanley Cups.
It's funny that you mention that when the last two Stanley Cup winners focus heavily on skills like "truculence", though I know both Boston and LA use advanced stats as well, and both of GMs are rather progressive thinking. However the feeling I get from stats communities in sports is that they tend to focus too heavily on "dehumanization" as if because things like character or the effects of it can't be represented by numbers that means they don't exist or contribute to a winning team. One of the reasons I end up disagreeing with Pronman's prospect rankings most of the time even though I appreciate a different non-generic view that actually has a theme. You know I tend to roll my eyes a bit at stuff like psychology or management as well because it's not an exact science, being an econ major I thought management was a waste of time since it seems so intuitive and not exactly a science that you either get it or not, but that stuff - "the intangibles" is very real in terms of creating a winning team and organization.

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