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Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
Well, let's use your theory about TOI and penalty....nut on the Powerplay production.

Eller managed 2 points in PP while playing about 15 minutes
DD managed 4 points in PP while playing about 65 minutes

If Eller would have get the 65 minutes we gave to DD....he would have roughly 9 points in PP so far.....and would be a much much more effective screening guy due to his size.....what are we waiting for???

But it's not about one's the combination of it all.
The rest of the season might change my mind.....but here's the thing (since you involved Eller in the discussion)

Eller = 9 points at even-strenght in 19 games
DD= 9 points at even strenght in 21 games

I won't repeat what i said about the production on PP between Eller and DD.

Eller is better in the PK, got more passes than DD in 2 games less (Elite vision?), is way more physical, more reliable defensively, younger, bigger, stronger, faster, better in faceoffs....and comes next year, Eller will be cheaper too.

If it goes on like that....why the habs should keep DD?

Like i said, DD must do better (in order to keep him with the habs)
Eller's PP time has to be multiplied by 4,33 to get to DD's.

Eller IT has to be multiplied by 1,25 to get to DD's.

One sample is more significant than the other.

And, damn, did you watch any game so far to say that DD wasn't EXTREMELY efficient in screening?

Besides, I took Eller's case to say that, if DD can be blamed of something, then another player (in that case, Lars Eller) should be blamed for it as well, in order for the blame to make any sense and not being something of an ad hominem. I haven't seen you, or anybody, reproach anything to Eller in that regard.

And aside from the screening, I haven't praised DD that much in this thread. I did see people make half-assed analysis in order to spread their Truths, though.
Just... re-establishing facts.

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