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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
I think it is a bit over the top to compare the "Eager + 2nd for Eller" and the "Eller is not even worth Eager" types to Habs fans who thought a 30 goal scoring winger, a starting goaltender, and a 2nd round pick (turned out to be Subban, I believe!) were worth quite a bit more than many other teams' fans did. Ryder scored 27 goals and 53 points the following season in Boston and was a decent player on a Stanley Cup winning team. Halak became the starting goalie for the Blues, winning 58 games with a GAA of under 2.15 and a .912 save percentage in 112 games over 2.5 seasons. As stated, that 2nd became Subban (I might be wrong, but am almost certain). That offer was not scrubs or spare parts. I also do not remember that being the offer for ANY All Star player not named Crosby, Malkin, or Ovechkin. I also remember the offer becoming used more and more as a joke by other fan bases than as an actual offer by Habs fans.

Come on, try and compare apples to apples, not apples to coconuts, please.
All I said was there are posters like that in EVERY fanbase...Habs included. There's plenty of bad posters amongst Habs who vastly overrate their prospects and expect the world in return. I chose Ryder, halak, and a 2nd because it was so badly overused by the minority of posters that it became a running joke on HF. There were Habs fans who seriously thought they could get anything for that package based on value without considering team needs or what the player they wanted represented to teh fanbase. True Eager + 2nd < Ryder + Halak + 2nd. It's equally true Eller < the majority of what people expected Ryder + Halak + 2nd to return.

Do I really need to pull up some of the outlandish proposals to quantify that statement? We all remember top pairing D and 1st line forwrads being included in those proposals...and as good as Eller is he isn't the caliber of player Habs fasn wanted in retrun for a 30 goal scorer who took 4 years to return to 30 goals, a player who at that time was a very good backup who wasn't going to be with the habs long term, and a 2nd round pick. Ryders shooting % in Boston that 1st year with 27G was also a career high 14.6% so not a good argument.

Hindsight is fun when you can cherry pick what that 2nd became...Hamonic was also a 2nd round pic...and there's plenty of other examples of D who picked late became great. Who's to say the team receiving the 2nd would have picked Subban anyways? Ryder et al was being offered in the 2007-2008 season. Wouldn't that mean the 2nd round pick was Kristo not Subban? Subban was drafted in 2007.

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