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Originally Posted by Plante View Post
The lack of goalie knowledge around here is terribly funny.

No one discussing the fundamentals of the position, just saying rhetorical sports quotes like, "he can't win", or that he shouldn't be letting in weak goals at this point?

Hilarious stuff, keep it coming.
In the end....only the end result matters. Unless you fall in the category of, for example, Gilbert Perreault and Marcel Dionne might be the very 2 best to not have won a Cup. Doens't make them less good....but there's unfortunately always a "but they didn't win it all" asterisk beside their names. Everybody recognizes their fundamentals....but they just never be mentionned as a cup winner. Ray Bourque would have indeed be mentionned as one of the top d-man even without a cup but with just confirms it even more.

Fundamentals and technique are all great. Didn't stop Hasek from being mentioned as one of the top goalie to have played the game. Didn't stop Thomas at winning a Cup. In the end, he will have to bring his fundamentals, technique and so on to a level where he will either win.....or either take an average team on his shoulders and make them really great and especially in the playoffs. The way Halak has done in our best finish since 1993.

I believe it's preferable to be known as "just a good goalie that has won 1 or 2 Cups than "the greatest goalie that never won a NHL Cup"....but that might be just me. Thing is in the end, that's what players are really playing for. Some great playoffs with preferable the hardware at the end. Of course, there's more than 1 goalie in a team, yet, NOBODY refrains themselves from blaming everybody in the team. Every single player gets it at one point or another. Just strange that this goalie here should be free from all criticisms. Yes, the position is the hardest. And yes we should be extremely cautious with our blames. I believe that this board has been extremely cautious as he rarely gets it. But he has to gets it at one point or another and yesterday was CLEARLY it. And he will be great in some more games where we WILL mention. Not only us in HF but all those fans voting for their stars...reason why Price always gets this Molson Cup. So he gets his share of praises. Should be getting his share of blames when it is due though.

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