Thread: Value of: Phil Kessel for Corey Perry?
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03-03-2013, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by NFITO View Post
yup, we agree, just like the 2 or 3 other Leafs fans I've presented the same argument to, who have all stopped responding the minute I asked them to backup their statements with reality, you've done the same. I understand though, when you realize you don't have any logic to backup your statements, it's easier insulting the other poster and telling them they're non-sensical even though you have no argument at all.

I've seen this many times here - it's much easier to say stuff that makes no sense and when someone asks you to backup those statements and you can't, it's easier to just say "agree to disagree" because you realize that you can't possibly provide a reasoned argument to support your argument that never actually happen in reality.

Still find it funny you can call someone a moron for presenting an argument backed up by facts that happen in reality, and then walk away from the discussion because you realize you can't back up your claims which never actually happen in reality.
Oye...we just don't think the same way my friend. You think the Ducks would prefer to keep Perry, take their chance in the playoffs, and than lose him for nothing in the offseason (this former Hart trophy winner you speak of).

My thought process is to help the Ducks now and in the future. With Kessel (and the other assets I mentioned) they could continue their Cup run this year and next (as Kessel still has a year left). After next year they can attempt to re-sign Kessel, who will probably demand a lesser salary than Perry. And I'm sure I mentioned that Kessel is 3 years younger.

Think what you want, but I think you're the one who's in the wrong. But, really I don't care. No sense arguing with someone who could probably be 15yrs old for all I know. Just no reasoning with some people, and that's simply because they don't see the big picture.

Yes the Stanley Cup is part of the big picture, but it's not "THE BIG PICTURE". Hockey is a business. Most teams want to ice a competive team year in and year out and gain all the extra playoff revenues. Unfortunately for myself (and other Toronto fans), MLSE is retardedly rich and don't have have those playoff revenues. Our fans show up regardless of what we ice. Our fans buy merchandise like it's air. Not to mention, the majority of our season ticket holders are suits. It's sad really (for us true Leaf fans).

Anywho, I've spent too much time on explaining myself. Thank you for the conversation, but I'm not my father and I don't need to convince (forcefully bestow) you of anything. Keep your opinion, and I'll keep mine.

Good day to you.

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