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Originally Posted by QRemparts View Post
-Miks Indrasis(normally, the best latvian players move away from Riga )
Well Karsums still is better, though hasn't been taken yet, so we'll see. Galviņš had a bad year with all the ''captain'' thing and stuff, but he can be good and now he has one of the best +/- in Cup of Hope, there was an interest in him even this season. Last WC, at least the successful part of it for us, he was stellar. Indrašis potentially can be very good, just needs to bulk up even more and improve in some other areas like reading the game. But I don't think he'll leave already after this season, if next one is even bigger improvement then yes.

Džeriņš has had a great year (at least for his standards) in KHL and it puzzles me why Nolan didn't take him to the OG qualification. but all's well that ends well. And now, with the old buddy Bukarts at his side and scoring goals off his passes he's even better. Though neither he, nor Bukarts are ones that might be interesting to other KHL clubs but with the performance as it is now, they could as well play a bigger role next season. A lot will depend on foreigner selection for Riga though, at least we can agree that you can't suck more than they did this year... if you're not Avto, that is

The good thing is- I don't see anyone leaving this year's team yet and some (Sprukts or Miķelis) might return. Plus if they manage to get their hands on Kuzmenkovs (1993) from Liepāja or some other kids (or young Bukarts, though at the moment it seems to me he's not giving his 100%), young players for next year might have more potential than Biezais and Bičevskis.

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