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03-03-2013, 03:29 PM
Failures Of Fenwick
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Originally Posted by Mathletic View Post
If all the Red Sox did was spend a lot of money then how come the Cubs haven't done anything in years. All they do is spend money. This theory of spend money and you'll win is flawed. The idea is discussed in the book Wages of Wins. Even though I'm not a big fan of their basketball model, I liked that part of the book on spending vs winning. The Red Sox spent money on players whom helped them win.

As for the rest, I mean it's pretty ridiculous how some people are close-minded. Anyhow, it's not like all the A's do is OBP. The A's like the Rays have developped their own model ot maximize pitching and defense (mostly player placement). The A's greatest use of advanced stat wasn't OPS or OBP like discussed in the book. Sure it helped but what helped the A's most was how well their pitchers performed or even, over-performed due to great strategies. Zito was a league leader in ERA yet his DIPS or DICE was a point to a point and a half higher than his ERA. A's have been doing a great job managing their pitchers and have optimized their performance with great defensive strategies. It's not that their players on defense are great, in fact, they're pretty terrible for the most part. However, everything from pitch selection to player placement on the field is A+. Same goes for the Rays.

If Moneyball was about winning on a budget I don't think it would have had the success it did. There's a bunch of teams that have done this in the past. Them winning on a budget only inspired Michael Lewis to investigate what was happening there. He noticed a lot of similarities between the sports/MLB world and the stock market, where he previously worked. An old boys club, with the macho (truculence I guess in reference to Burke) attitude that led them to make terrible decisions.
You are proving my point, moneyball was about taking advantage of under-valued skills. the red sox simply had big name players all over their team, very few homegrown. The rays have taken it to the next level, but the difference between baseball and hockey, is the rays can get compensatory picks for letting guys walk. though they also have no problem making trades. If the NHL had a similar pick system things would be alot different

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