Thread: Value of: Phil Kessel for Corey Perry?
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03-03-2013, 04:31 PM
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I'm going to try and break this down, so maybe it'd be easier to understand where I'm coming from.

Originally Posted by DougGilmour93 View Post
Oye...we just don't think the same way my friend. You think the Ducks would prefer to keep Perry, take their chance in the playoffs, and than lose him for nothing in the offseason (this former Hart trophy winner you speak of)..
1) No, this is where you're wrong. This is NOT MY THOUGHT PROCESS!!! I'm saying - and backing up by looking at what EVERY GM and TEAM does, that this is the thought process of all teams out there. I don't think the Ducks would prefer to keep Perry and take their chances in the playoffs because it's some random thought based on what I think it right. I think they will keep Perry and take their chances in the playoffs because this is what EVERY TEAM ALWAYS WITHOUT EXCEPTION ALWAYS DOES!! Why is this so hard to understand? Why is it continally ignored that this is how teams operate? Take out our personal feelings and thoughts on this. Look at what ALL TEAMS ALWAYS DO. Can you give ne ONE SINGLE EXAMPLE of ANY playoff team EVER that has dealt their star impending UFA to get something in return instead of keeping that player and taking their chances in the playoffs? Does it EVER happen?

You're bringing in what you think that teams should do, but ignoring what teams ALWAYS do! How is that so hard to understand??

Originally Posted by DougGilmour93 View Post
My thought process is to help the Ducks now and in the future. With Kessel (and the other assets I mentioned) they could continue their Cup run this year and next (as Kessel still has a year left). After next year they can attempt to re-sign Kessel, who will probably demand a lesser salary than Perry. And I'm sure I mentioned that Kessel is 3 years younger.
Yes I know this is your thought process. And I know this process makes sense for teams like the Leafs - at least how they've been for almost a decade - which is no shot at the Cup and not going to make the playoffs. So of course it makes sense for such teams to make moves like this.

But I ask you again, (and again, and again) what teams *in reality* that are in a playoff position EVER make such moves? Do playoff teams EVER (yes, EVER!!!) have this type of thought process? You keep ignoring this simple fact here. You keep trying to assume how teams should operate, but ignore how they really do operate!

Originally Posted by DougGilmour93 View Post

Think what you want, but I think you're the one who's in the wrong. But, really I don't care. No sense arguing with someone who could probably be 15yrs old for all I know. Just no reasoning with some people, and that's simply because they don't see the big picture. .
If I'm 15 yrs old, then I've been posting here on HF boards since I was 3. You'd think someone who's been here for a while would understand that, no? My join date is clearly shown here. For the record I'm 40, have be following the NHL extensively since I the 70's, have 2 degress and have been in business for the better part of my life, which has allowed me to retire from my "regular" job and bought my own business. I have a lot of experience in the business world, and have been following this game for longer than most posters here have been alive.

I'd be more inclined to believe you were 15, given how you won't respond to any of the requests I've asked to provide backup for your thinking - again, please provide me with ONE example of when a top contender has dealt their soon to be star player just because they were hitting UFA status? It's kids who usually call others morons, refuse to backup their statements and then just say "agree to disagree" when they have no response at all. That's what you have done here. I've provided ample support for my line of thinking.

Originally Posted by DougGilmour93 View Post

Yes the Stanley Cup is part of the big picture, but it's not "THE BIG PICTURE". Hockey is a business. Most teams want to ice a competive team year in and year out and gain all the extra playoff revenues. Unfortunately for myself (and other Toronto fans), MLSE is retardedly rich and don't have have those playoff revenues. Our fans show up regardless of what we ice. Our fans buy merchandise like it's air. Not to mention, the majority of our season ticket holders are suits. It's sad really (for us true Leaf fans).

Anywho, I've spent too much time on explaining myself. Thank you for the conversation, but I'm not my father and I don't need to convince (forcefully bestow) you of anything. Keep your opinion, and I'll keep mine.

Good day to you.
No, the Cup is THE BIG PICTURE. You may disagree, but GMs and teams around the league don't - again, as we've seen EVERY TIME such decisions come up. So as a fan here, who am I going to rely on for how teams should and do operate - a random poster who makes claims he can't back up, or the ENTIRE history of this game and what we see GMs and teams do ALL THE TIME.

Yes, you can have your opinions and believe what you want. Just realize that what you believe is not supported by what teams actually do - as we've seen over and over again throughout league history. But yes believe what you want, even if it's so clearly wrong, and you can't find any evidence to back it up.

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