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The Gatekeepers (2012), directed by Droh Moreh: Six former heads of Shin Bet, Israel's Secret Service, discuss operations which they took part in and ponder whether there efforts to provide security for Israel have been a blessing or a curse to the state. This is mostly talking heads and archival footage, so there isn't anything special about The Gatekeepers cinematically. But it is a very powerful indictment of the futility of Israel's approach to Palestine and Arab terrorism. There is a shared conviction among these men that Israel's method of dealing with Palestine has created a security apparatus and accompanying rationale that are no longer morally defensible. To hear the most senior of these men compare Israel's treatment of Palestinians with Nazi Germany's treatment of Poles during World War II is shocking. These men's change of heart may be self-serving, but as one of these gentlemen point out "after you leave this job, you become a bit of a leftist."

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