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03-03-2013, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by jfc64 View Post
You're mad if you pick Viktor ahead of Silfverberg. Aha... you're from Gothenburg! Maybe Kahnberg on the team as well?

Top 5 reasons for having Stålberg on the team:

1. His breakthru season in the professional ranks saw him score every fourth game with the Marlies in 2010.
2. His whopping speed (and being as heavy as Bäckström, the fat *******) made it to the WC team in 2012. 9 games he played and he had great success in one of the games, against Denmark, where he scored twice! He also managed another goal later in the tournament. Not to mention an assist.
3. Blackhawks vs Bluejackets are other games where Stålberg shines.
4. Playing on the best team in the world Stålberg is often used together with Krüger, a player whose skills greatly adds to the skills missing from other players on that line. And as a catalyst to the top line, Stålberg occasionally manage to score in the neighbourhood of what other NHL regulars would do together with Toewes and Kane.
5. He sure is a skating fool.
He did more in that one game than your boy Silfverberg has done in two tournaments. He's also got more goals than your boy has points this season.

I love some of your logic by the way, bringing up how he played 4 years ago and using the fact that he plays well on a great team to his detriment.

And I am not mad at all, I just think Silfverberg is a young and inexperienced player who doesn't add anything to the team that isn't already being provided by someone better. Silfverberg is a great prospect and I am sure that he will become a very good player, but the fact is that he isn't there yet. Unless he improves leaps and bounds over the summer, he really shouldn't be on the Olympics team.

When you build a team you should ideally look to take players who provide different strengths and different playing styles, unless you've got 12 Crosby's out there having too many similar players risks pigeonholing you into one style of play, making it easy for the opposition to out-coach you. Stålberg isn't the most skilled player in the world, but he has qualities that makes him a very good complimentary player in the right situations.

In my mind a Hagelin-Steen-Stålberg line would be the perfect energy line, two absolute rockets being centred by a hard-working two-way player. Tonnes of hustle and a level of speed that would be entirely unmatched by any other line in the tournament.

Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
Either way i dont think we can or will go with afforemost offensive players in our bottom six, or at least the bottom three. We simply cant afford it when some other countries just has way better depth there. So if you can figure out which players not counting our All-Stars that can grind, forecheck and penalty kill well, put your money on those players making the team.
If I was Pär Mårts I'd go with 3 scoring lines that spilt ice-time evenly between each other and 1 energy/checking line with reduced ice-time. I'd put Zetterberg and Eriksson on the same line and try and match then against the oppositions top line.

Great hockey teams almost never run with two checking lines, most NHL teams do because they simply don't have the depth to run 3 scoring lines effectively, only really good NHL teams with a lot of forward depth (like the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks) can do it. That isn't as much of a problem for a great national team like ours, and teams like Canada and Russia can, and most likely will be playing with 4 scoring lines in Sochi. We certainly have the scoring depth to do that too, but if we did we would be sacrificing our defensive play.

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