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03-03-2013, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Morozov View Post
Then you'd pretty much only see the champs wrestle on PPV or title matches would lose their significance being given away on free TV all the time.

Don't know why it manages to surprise you that these matches you are tuning in to part way aren't for the belt but if you havent already just assume that they aren't.
Title matches already have lost their significance considering they're given away to people when they return, instead of the numerous performers who've been winning mid-card matches for months... If you want to be the champion, you should have to defend your title at least every 2nd week to PROVE that you're worthy.. Don't just appear, make a promo, and wait until the next PPV.

As for the second part, when it's a match such as Miz vs Cesaro.. one we've seen numerous times FOR THE TITLE on and off of PPV's, why should I not assume it's for the title if it has been basically every other time??

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