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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
i kind of feel like this. i didn't see enough of soviet era makarov to know whether he was on bossy's level, but if i'm guessing i'd be predisposed to say that's an extremely high level to project anyone at.

and are we underrating bossy's playmaking ability here? bossy's best was a little before my time, so i'm not sure how he got all those assists, but he averaged an assist per game or better twice in his career. and the year he played with tonelli and sutter and both those guys got 40 goals, destroying their previous and future career bests, how much of that can we attribute to bossy's playmaking ability?
This kind of discussion is always interesting. I think three slightly "lesser" players who are all on the same page have the potential to be just as productive as a line with two great players and a 3rd guy who is there "naturally" due to the depth chart, for example. "Synergy" can go a long way to making more out of odd man rushes over the long haul, again, just for example, and I think there's a component of that in lots of lines throughout history that may have been even better than the sum of their individual parts; which, in turn, usually makes it extremely hard to "measure" the contributions of one individual among the group.

Maybe "in a vacuum", Bossy's "play making abilities" weren't actually on the same level as Makarov. I honestly lean toward that opinion. Precision, vision, smoothness, and creativity were major aspects of the top Russians who started trickling into the NHL, and Makarov was no exception, imo. Part of "hockey I.Q.", though, is figuring out what kind of passing is conducive to your linemates' success, and sometimes "compete level" does a lot to get pucks from corners where plays could have fizzled out, and into dangerous scoring areas - often without reliance on dazzling skills or great exhibitions of talent... just work. Bossy certainly worked.

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