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Originally Posted by Rob View Post
Hypothetically speaking if Fredericton got a new arena I think that the Q would work here. Mainly because of the close proximity of so many other teams. It would create quite the martime rivalry. However, it would be far from a slam dunk.
When the Baby Habs were here I became aware of an anti-french contingent in this town that just refused to support them. While I believe this was primarily with the older generation that is no guarentee that is has gone away. I could totally see people refusing to support a Q team here because it was "too french".

Of course there are also people here who have no interest in University Hockey because Major Junior is just "so much better".
While I didn't notice that in the Halifax community for the AHL, there were other things,and it may well have existed there too. But Halifax, like Fredericton, had a large Loyalist influence. I don't know if that is the basis for the anti French sentiment, only that the cities are similar in those respects. It was however, a different time. The AHL came to Hfx in 1970.The franchise was based on the old time NHL model, just show up and they will come. And it worked for awhile. By the early 80's however, the media had no fears of taking the club to task for making decisions that belonged in the dark ages. About the same time the Fredericton franchise was born with the Express? They left Halifax after 23 years, and the remaining Atlantic cities, a hell of lot faster. Believe me, the Q team, led by experienced local investors, those Hfx guys, ( some very wealthy locals, John Gwynne Timothy, John Risley, the Oland family, forget which one, and others) would not make the same mistakes the AHL did. When the Q arrived, the media loved it, They had been a year without a pro team, they were without major news content fodder and the Metro Center without a major tenant. Both were chomping at the bit; they would now lead the public into unheralded praise for this team, its ownership, its policies and practices, its youthful exhuberance, it just went on and on. They'll make it work I can't stress it enough.
Quite right about the folks who will never see the value of University hockey. A major junior team will fill the arena with those people. An article was done by Atlantic Advocate shortly after the Moosehead arrival. Their interviews, confined to the local investors, and mine for whom I completed a marketing project in undergrad, to the person, extolled the greatness of this junior product over the former AHL one. In my case, when I with some bias I admit, prodded for their knowledge of the AUAA at the time, ...they looked at me like I had two heads.

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