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Originally Posted by Morozov View Post
Oh OK, so since they've already "lost their significance", may as well just water it down more right? and Swagger had to win the Chamber to get his, it's not like he just showed back up and was booked. Defending the title every 2nd week just makes no sense, giving away free World title matches every second week lol, no. Nobody just appears, does a promo and waits until the next PPV except for The Rock who is obviously a special exception.

because more often than not, if it's a match on TV, then it's not going to be a title match. So you're safer assuming than it isn't than for whatever reason taking the opposite route and being "surprised". That match hasn't been for the title "basically every other time" at all. You must be in a very small minority of wrestling fans that hasn't figured this out.
I wasn't saying that the challenger comes back, does a promo and waits.. I'm saying the champ shows up on Raw, cuts a promo, and waits until a PPV to defend his title... If you're the champ, you should be able to answer an open challenge from someone in the locker room and beat the person whenever.. That's the point of being the best.

Sure, Swagger had to win the EC... but do you remember how he got in it? He returned and demanded to be in it.. And look at Mark Henry, he came back and attacked Mysterio/Bryan/Sin Cara.. 4 days later, he gets a match that puts him in the EC. Soooooooo deserving!!

May I also remind you of Cena at the '08 Rumble, Edge at the '08 Survivor Series, Edge at the '10 Rumble, Undertaker at Summerslam '09, Undertaker at '06 Rumble.. Each one of those times the person came back and was put in the title picture..

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