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Matej Klucho, 23, native of Liberec, Czech Republic, will travel to Colorado for the third time. He joined Eurolanche fan club almost immediately after its establishment in 2007. He became an active member (editor) a year later. Nowadays he ends Bachelor Technical Unviersity of Liberec, field of study Economics and Management - Sport Management. Matej does sports actively, starting with soccer, but soon switch to floorball. Currently he is the captain of the Liberec men team. He is also coach of youth teams - juniors and older schoolboys.

When you decided to travel to Colorado?

I decided to travel to Colorado immediately after the end of lockout. Unfortunately for my sports career I had problems with right knee from November till January/February. The results were two serious surgeries. "Thanks to it" I stopped with floorball, but on the other hand the idea of going to Denver gets the green light.

It will be your third participation at the Invasion. Could still something surprised you?

Expectations are huge again. And trust me; there could be still some surprises. There is still a lot of new in the city and its surroundings, which we didnīt explored last time. I still believe that we will meet new friends. In Avalanche hockey club were also few changes and some new faces are there. Additionally, this year we are thinking about two-day car trip to Minnesota which would be huge.

Do you think your third Invasion could overcome previous two? If yes, why?

I believe so. After first trip to Denver I didnīt believe that anything could be better. But my second Invasion convinced me it is not true, so didnīt see any reason why that shouldnīt go this time again, for the third time. In addition this year we are group of four people, which means four different opinions or ideas for everything. I guess thatīs why this Invasion will be again exceptional, if not more exceptional.

What are you most looking forward?

I am mostly looking forward trip to Minnesota. City is more or less known to me, so I am looking forward to things around. At the same time I am looking forward for MLB game and NBA games. At the end I will add I am enormously looking forward to six/seven games of Colorado Avalanche, so it doesnīt look like I am going there for other sports (laughing). Still I am really looking forward to see Jaromir Jagr, see him in person for the second time.

How does look your preparation for the trip?

My preparing is very quiet. Itīs for the third time so I donīt need to panic or thinking toward a lot. I am going to U.S. basically with empty suitcase, so packing is not trouble for me. I have valid U.S. visa, passport as well, money exchanged, jersey is ready, same with flag. Currently I finished a big fight with negotiation with Canadian transit visa. I am ready!

How the organization of the trip by the Eurolanche looks like from your point of view?

I will say it simply - to pack up and go to Denver is possible everyone. But pack up and go with great friends, go to meet another great friends who expect us could do only Eurolanche fan club supporters. In addition game tickets and postgame VIP passes procures us directly Avalanche hockey club. This is of course the merit of our fan club. If there was not be Eurolanche, I would probably never travel to Denver.

What would like to say to fans, which will follows the Invasion V on the internet and for fans, who are thinking about their participation for the further trips?

For the fans, who will follow - keep your fingers crossed for us and try to enjoy what you will read and see. We will try to represent the name of fan club in the best possible lights. For the fans who are wondering about next Invasion - donīt hesitate! I could honestly say that this is the lifetime experience.

If there would be next Invasion in the near future, would you travel again or three trips on the same place are enough for you?

Next years will be one big question for me (school/job/sports). All Invasions satisfy these two important things for me - school and floorball. If there is the job in addition, it would be even more difficult. Already now I am subconsciously thinking that if the term of Invasion VI fit to me and these two above-mentioned items, I am definitely in again!

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