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Originally Posted by rey72335 View Post
I wasn't saying that the challenger comes back, does a promo and waits.. I'm saying the champ shows up on Raw, cuts a promo, and waits until a PPV to defend his title... If you're the champ, you should be able to answer an open challenge from someone in the locker room and beat the person whenever.. That's the point of being the best.

Sure, Swagger had to win the EC... but do you remember how he got in it? He returned and demanded to be in it.. And look at Mark Henry, he came back and attacked Mysterio/Bryan/Sin Cara.. 4 days later, he gets a match that puts him in the EC. Soooooooo deserving!!

May I also remind you of Cena at the '08 Rumble, Edge at the '08 Survivor Series, Edge at the '10 Rumble, Undertaker at Summerslam '09, Undertaker at '06 Rumble.. Each one of those times the person came back and was put in the title picture..
and I wasn't saying that you said that is what the challenger does. What I was saying was that basically no champ does what you were saying, no champ just shows up on Raw cuts a promo and isn't seen until the PPV, the champs still work matches weekly, aside from The Rock who again is a special exception. Again, much of Punk's argument throughout his title reign was that he was the champ and turning out all the time, doing house shows and everything. Btw, they often do "title matches" at house shows, so if you really want to get caught up about it, the title is defended very often which kind of blows a hole in your argument anyway. In what combat sport does the champ just defend the title regularly "whenever wherever". Do the champions in boxing just take regular fights whenever answering an "open challenge", no of course not, do the champions in the UFC take regular fights answering an "open challenge" whenever? no, of course not. In fact, the champions in wrestling defend the title far, far, far, far more often than the champions in boxing or the UFC who may defend their titles once or twice a year.

The reality is they aren't going to diminish the value of title matches by giving them away on free TV every second week, you can complain about it until you're blue in the face, but it makes absolutely zero sense for the company to do that. They can give them away on house shows because only people in those towns end up seeing it and it rarely is given any mention on TV which is all the general audience cares about. But they happen often, so that should be enough to satisfy your concern.

So some of the biggest stars of all time come back and get put in the title picture, wow, crazy! even if wrestling was "real", the big stars would be instantly pushed back to the top of the card when returning from injury because, surprise, real or not, wrestling would be about making money and the promoters would be looking to cash in on those stars as soon as they returned. If you are Cena or the Undertaker or Edge, you don't go back to the bottom of the pile if you get injured, "real" or not.

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