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Originally Posted by Rob View Post
Then why call it "The World Championships"?
Because it is the championship of the world's international teams. What do the players have to do with anything? Is the Stanley Cup winner not the NHL champion if they have a bunch of players out to injury?

Originally Posted by cutchemist42 View Post
Why can't the WHC every 4 years just be held at the same time the Olympics are to ensure NHL teams participate? You still keep the relegation/promotion that way.
What do you mean? Have the WHC in the middle of the season every year? The Russians have suggested that to the IIHF but I don't think it will happen, especially with the rumors that they're going to set up a European championship to be played during the season.

Plus if they make the Olympics the WHC in Olympic years they would have to expand the Olympic tournament to 16 teams, which depends on the IOC. I doubt the IIHF would go for that either, considering that would be a year they would miss out on their biggest money making event.

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