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03-03-2013, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Island Husky View Post
I said it was on the radar, not coming tomorrow. Besides none of that will stop them, they'll operate on a much larger budget than UNB can dream of; Nor will a 2200 person crowd for UNB when they should be getting 3500, scare them away. What interests them is, 2200? Hey we can double that easily, and take 1000 of that along the way. The benefits to the city are not exactly dressing either. They are a boon to the city owned or taxed venues, plus the spinoffs. So cities love them, the public will love them, a rink? in a place like Fredericton? lots of businesses, a government center, a booming commercial atmosphere, what would it bother BMO, Royal Bank, Irvings and the like to invest in a new rink? Finally, none of the participants think of it in the here and now, and what rink can we move into this weekend. No major business does.
Not sure what type of radar you are looking at, but we are talking at least 10 years away unfortunately. I highly doubt that there is going to be a new arena built any time soon, having just built two new twin ice arena's I don't see another one being built soon.
I would love to see a jr team here, but I won't be holding my breath.

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