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Originally Posted by QRemparts View Post
If we look at the teams who are the most agressive during free agent, CSKA, SKA and the others...

-Thikonov will probably go to NA and give a last chance to the Coyotes, so they will need some big name to play in the top 6.
-The defense group looks strong, Dallman-Kalinin-Alexandrov will be back, Chudinov will probably be back(maybe will try is chance with the Bruins)
-And they need a number one goalie, ezhov is a good number 2 but not more...

-They will probably keep Igor Radulov so they will need a number one center to replace Niklas Persson. And they need to build something strong on the 2nd line as well. The bottom 6 looks ok to me.
-After Rylov, they have Denisov and Ryasensky but they will loose Morrisonn. For me Ozhiganov and Marchenko deserves to be the 5th and 6th defenseman next year so they need a #2 defensman to play with Rylov.
-Stana looks great this year but they need a better 2nd goalie...

So the top 2 teams need improvment so its going to be good to follow this. And others teams like Kazan, Salavat, Magnitogorsk and Chelyabinsk could get some good players...
Not true. He's just young. Right now he's not the goalie to carry a team with SKA's aspirations through the playoffs, but he will be in a couple of years.

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