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03-03-2013, 07:00 PM
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Originally Posted by zeroG View Post
no he wasn't. he was conservative, in general but he didn't have a mandate to tear apart the team. he made some mistakes but less, than tallon has made. of course, that's mainly because he just didn't take the chances tallon has though even the biggest fan would have to admin that tallon is throwing a lot of **** against the wall here.

in any event, i said this at the time and since but while JM was GM here, our prospect pool's rating went way up. it was hovering around 10 (up from mid 20s) when he left, iirc, and that was mainly because he accumulated picks and held on to prospects. that's not the description of a boneheaded GM.
Haha... are you really defending JM's time as GM? He made some awesome signings giving his limitations here, right?! And his draft record was great!

Who cares what HFBoards 'rates our prospect pool'. Such a moot point. Results are all that matter, and when you look at his drafts...

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