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03-03-2013, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Alberta_OReilly_Fan View Post
hemsky is unquestionably a highlight reel machine. but his practice habits suck. He is last guy on/first guy off. His work on the PP is horrific. He is borderline uncoachable. His raw talent gets him some results but he has an ego that doesnt let him play well with the other children. Hemsky demands that the puck goes throw himself.

Now i think its possible that if he got dealt to a team that just won the cup, that maybe he could change his attitude/issues? Im not 100% convinced but I would maybe risk it. He did play well with Krecji so that works in his favor. Boston doesnt have any highlight reel machines like Edmonton does so Hemsky would be 'special' again in Boston. That might help.

In Edmonton though the time has come to turn the puck over to kids like Eberle/Hall/Hopkins and potentially Yakubov/Gagne. Where does Hemsky fit into this mix? He isnt willing to play the offwing. Again this speaks to his willingness to put the team first. Unwilling/unable? does it matter?

Yakubov/Eberle need to play the RW. Both are undersized/skilled guys. Hemsky making 5 mill is a very very expensive unnecessary third name here. He is just more of the same when there is already enough of it.

Horton is a crashing/banger that you can build third line around if you want to go in that direction. He has also played center in the NHL before. Im sure hed agree to play LW if asked.

On another team Hemsky might not be addition by subtraction. On a very young super talented Oiler team that has alot of questions about character/winning attitude in the locker room and on the ice... he is. His super talent doesnt compensage enough for his other issues since the team doesnt need more super talent.
Edmonton media has stated a few times that Hemsky came in with a different attitude this year, that he now sees that the Oilers aren't necessarily replacing him with talented players, but giving more help in that area. He is fine on the powerplay, if he was that bad, the pp would be worse. He is also not uncoachable, and I've never heard if him demanding the puck go through him. You're grapsing at straws.

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