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03-03-2013, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
Ok let me take a stab at explaining the kings side of why we all think its a overpayment. I have no doubt that benn would be the best player in the deal long term but i think dallas is underesmating browns ability. Brown is a player that been with the kings long term and was the face of our fanchise for a while before kopitar drew etc got there. Brown is counted on to do alot of the kings pr work. If there courting a player hes the one that always comes thru to show the new player the town sorta thing. Hes also our captain of the now He just lead us to the cup ands its being seen as he s being blown off as just a way lesser player then benn

I think you also should know that tg is a person that scouts and follows the player in the minors closely. He is one of the best person on the kings boards for insights on player before they get in the nhl. He has called attension to serveral kings to myself and others way before they were king house hold names simmond martinez voynov scheen etc i can go on, .When it comes to toffolli tg has followed him from the beginning of his carrer.He has been saying toffoli is something special and has the charcter to fit on the kings well.

As far as the first goes we have traded alot of 1sts in our history for players that just hasnt worked out. So we need to value our pick more. I m not postive but if the op had said a 1st and brown for him or toffolli and brown im sure the reaction would have been alot less serve. 3 peices that high is too much in most of the king fan minds

I maybe off in my evaluation of this but to me it makes sence just my two cents
Most Stars' fans despise Brown for reasons I won't name (to avoid a pissing match), and so we obviously won't value him as highly as you would (or even as he should be).

I really like Toffoli, and I do think he has first line potential, but he simply doesn't fill any kind of need for the Stars and is redundant.

If you'd read my entire post, I did agree that the value was fair IMO, and that's with my hatred of Brown.

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