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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
To be fair, to myself, I have not flip-flopped and claimed that I've 'always' liked him or anything like that. I've always said that I didn't like the pick back then and that I hope I was wrong about him.

I still have hopes for Charles-Olivier Roussel, it might take him a while to make it, if he does at all.
Oh I wasn't trying to insult your or anything. It was quite fun going back and re-reading the posts from that 2009 Draft. I actually ALWAYS look forward to your Pre-Draft Top 30 Lists.

I was actually giving you major props for your responses to our picks, though I did find the Barrie response to be humorous. And you're right, to your credit you've not "flip-flopped", rather just stated that you hope you're wrong.


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