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03-03-2013, 10:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
If Richards is against the glass, it's basically a pin out against the boards. But he was in that 4-5' area and fell so awkwardly. The penalty severity is probably due both to it being Kaleta and Richards being down, but it was still a dangerous play. That said, why Richards is bent over and so easily off balance that close to the boards after playing this game for nearly 30 years is also something to wonder at. Protect yourself guys, do what they teach 4-year olds.
Its incredible the stupidity he displayed on that play.

Its basic hockey to protect yourself at all times and that includes how you approach the boards whether or not someone is coming to hit you. NEVER head towards the boards with your toes pointing towards them. Angle yourself towards the boards. We teach our girls to do that and they don't even hit but they do push and shove and have collisions. So they need to learn how to protect themselves. We had one of our girls last season almost cripple herself skating full speed straight at the boards to get the puck. She hit a rut about 5ft out and went flying face first into the boards. She was bent backwards in such an awkward fashion I thought she was severely injured. Thankfully the flexibility + resiliency of youth protected her. But afterwards when we asked her what happened (we knew but wanted to hear it from her) she said she messed up and didn't angle into the boards like we taught her.

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