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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post

I wouldn't trust anything coming out of a Wolves fan, bc they act like the corrupt politicians they elect( Jesse Jackson, Jr, and even Emanuel is the mayor of that city) why are the Wolves based in Chicago proper then, not some annexed portion/village like you constantly see in Canada....

Why is Levin's name rumored then w/ the Coyotes being an NHL franchise, if he was told they were off the table, you cannot rule that out, and we all know his name has popped up in Seattle, and that assumption is false, there is an arena in Seattle set to be built, it brings it up though, Will the Wolves be sold as a part to appease the conflict of interest, if you folks would educate yourself a bit, nothing is ruled in or out, how do you think Williams got in on the Jets'deal w/ the Ice Caps, once they acquired Atlanta.
Being a Milwaukee fan, I don't usually defend the Wolves players or management.

But; the Wolves play in Rosemont, which a suburb next to O'Hare Airport and the City of Chicago, about 15 miles from the loop. If Levin gets his hands on the Coyotes, he will try to leverage them to Seattle, or be like Craig Leipold selling Nashville to buy the Wild, to get to Seattle.

There is an arena in Seattle. From Wikipedia: "The largest arena in the greater Seattle area is the KeyArena. Originally called the Seattle Center Coliseum, the arena opened in 1962. The Thunderbirds played there until the end of the 2008-09 season."

That would be a short term solution until the replacement is built, a la San Jose. The Sonics played there. I am sure it is okay as a temporary solution. I have heard that there is local opposition to the new proposed arena, but that is to the site only.

What conflict of interest? Can't Levin own an AHL team and a NHL team? Or is there something else out there that I don't know about?

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