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Originally Posted by Rielly4 View Post
the leafs need to make some moves regarding there forward positions... We dont really need too but Kulemin and Grabovski could be up for sale. I dont know new jersey players as well as you guys do, but the guys i like on your team are Clarkson and Henrique... But im sure you wouldnt want to trade those guys.

Grabovksi- Sure fire 50 point top 6 center who works his ass off and has great speed a rocket of a shot and good hands, his passing game is average and also an average cycler, good two way player.

Kulemim-not the 30 goal scorer he once was, also works hard tremendous two way player with size but his hands are near terrible and his speed is average. Hard snap shot when he gets it off.

Let me know about Matteau, Tedenby and Henrique and how they play, also would have interest in Fayne but i know you guys are high on him right now.
It would take a massive overpayment for Fayne and Henrique to be considered. We are extremely deep at center and I doubt any of our centers would be moved. Unless Grabo can play wing I don't see why the Devils trade for him. Especially trading a younger player with a much higher upside and a better contract. (Henrique) to get him. As far as Fayne goes he is our top young defenseman (not named Larsson)

Tedenby had a great (I should say decent) year back when Maclean/Lemaire coached us. He (like JJ) has shown flashes of brilliance, he's a speedy winger, small, not great on the boards but has the potential to at least score 10-15 in the right system. The reason I believe he has floundered in NJ right now is because his style of play clashes with the Devils' current system (Deboer doesn't really trust him either). However with a change of scenery he could blossom into a really special player (the ones Devils fans were expecting when he was drafted. At the time he was drafted he drew comparisons to St. Louis.)

Jury is still out on Matteau. He has made a few rookie mistakes but has so far been a solid, relable rookie who is due for more goals then what he has been dishing out. Kid really tries hard out there and it shows when you watch him play. Good vision, OK speed and handling...what he will become will more so come into fruition next year. I just don't see NJ trading him based on his ceiling alone.

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