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03-03-2013, 11:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Erick View Post
It's Dineen's fault. Just like it was DeBoer's fault. Just like it was Martin's fault. Etc., etc.

Safe to say it's on the players.

Dineen is not getting fired. You might not like him, but that would be incredibly unfair. He came into a horrendus organization and led a franchise to the playoffs in his first year. A franchise that hadn't been to the playoffs in a decade and pretty much overachieved last year, realistically speaking.

Fire Dineen
I couldn't agree more.

This team needs stability. For so many years we lacked it. Tallon has built a great prospect pool and Dineen is the guy who is most familiar with these kids in terms of on ice in our organization. Just like you said he led a team of misfits and spare parts to the playoffs and one of two OT goal posts going in from sending the Eastern Conference Champs home in the first round.

I may question some of the things he does, but he's the NHL coach, not me. I have faith in him. After last season how can you? I really don't think it's his fault that the 1st line has fallen apart from halfway through last year (Bergy-Goc-Sammy carried this team for the 2nd half, let's be real), our defense has the effectiveness of a cloud and our goalies are the laughing stock of the league.

I know he's trying to motivate the guys, and it shows. It really does. But not in the whole team unfortunately, but it shows where it counts IMO. Matthias and Skille are a product of Dineen's coaching. Matthias is almost on pace for 20 goal season (if a full year) and Skille has at least been busting his ass like nobody's business. I think Matthias will be a valuable part of this team, I just hope Dale doesn't send him packing since he's not one of his players. We'll know the answer by this off-season.

I also think Mueller has responded to him giving him a chance as a top-6 forward. Kid has talent and will be a good part of this team as well. Shore has played great after Dineen had the confidence in him to give him some serious responsibility and he has responded (Shore is our only + player).

I did question him with the Jovo captaincy, but again, he's in the locker room and we are not. Dineen is not a PR stunt kind of guy. If Jovo was who he felt is this team's captain than maybe that's the case. We're definitely playing like we're missing our captain right now.

So in terms of the firing Dineen talk, I think it's crazy. He'll go on to coach again and be successful in this league just like DeBoer. Don't let another coach with great skill go. They don't grow on trees.

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