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03-03-2013, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by The n00b King View Post
That's exactly my point. Bruins fans are so used to seeing their team play the way they do that they can't even recognize that they play dirty. Instead "it's strong hockey plays".

As for the habs embellishing, sure, that certainly happens. But like someone else said, every team does this. The habs aren't more guilty than any other. The only reason why some seem to think this is because they have such hatred for the Habs that there can be no objectivity on their part.

Watch other teams man...

I'm not a troll. Just an objective hockey fan. That's like saying "you're just saying this 'cuz you be hatin'". How can you have a constructive argument with someone when they say this???

I wasn't talking about you. I was speaking in general terms. Ask before you falsely accuse someone of something. last thing we need is too have this thread locked up. That's why i said what i said.

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