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03-04-2013, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post

I wouldn't trust anything coming out of a Wolves fan, bc they act like the corrupt politicians they elect( Jesse Jackson, Jr, and even Emanuel is the mayor of that city) why are the Wolves based in Chicago proper then, not some annexed portion/village like you constantly see in Canada....

Why is Levin's name rumored then w/ the Coyotes being an NHL franchise, if he was told they were off the table, you cannot rule that out, and we all know his name has popped up in Seattle, and that assumption is false, there is an arena in Seattle set to be built, it brings it up though, Will the Wolves be sold as a part to appease the conflict of interest, if you folks would educate yourself a bit, nothing is ruled in or out, how do you think Williams got in on the Jets'deal w/ the Ice Caps, once they acquired Atlanta.

And here we go again.....that horse has been dead for a long time hutch and it took as long to die as it takes me to type New York Giants and New York Jets....who not only don't play in New York city....they don't even play in New York state proper.

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