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03-04-2013, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Marshmont Flavor View Post
The Canadiens do not have a monopoly on embellishment. They might be master purveyors of the art, but they're not alone in doing it. Our guys do it from time to time. Just because they may do it more or the Bruins may do it less doesn't make any one instance worse than the other.

I'm fine with Claude coming out and saying this, but ultimately it's something that the NHL needs to hear. Coming out now and talking about it after a tough loss to a division rival is going to serve to fuel the "pot calling kettle" debate. I like that he's sticking up for his guys, but he'll take some heat too.

It's not an issue of the Habs; it's the bigger issue that officiating has been maddeningly inconsistent this year throughout the league. overall, play is sloppier than usual and so is the officiating. The Bruins have both benefitted from and been penalized due to bad, inconsistent officiating. We've just had little reason to complain about it Until now.

I just don't like the idea of highlighting this in a thread. It makes this fan base look like the ones we rail against on a daily basis.....but that's just me. Lost in the complaints about officiating is the fact that the Bruins' defensive strategy went to **** in the third period (yes, Chara was have to figure out how to manage those 17 minutes) and the fact that yet again...the third line (sans whipping boy Bourque) looked like poop.
Well said. I agree with you however I fear, and I really do fear this that we are heading in the direction of, dare I say it, soccer. Unfortunately whenever you ask someone who has played or is a big fan of soccer, when a penalty happens, even if there is embellishment, then it has to be called. This is my biggest fear. However they can correct it, all around, it would be nice to find a way.

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