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03-04-2013, 12:30 AM
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for ****'s sake. we just beat them and this thing again? you can't fight a team like boston just by getting goons.

why you ask?

because they don't have one. you beat the bruins by not letting their ******** get to you.

i know it's hypocritical, but i've said all along that if we are to be getting a goon, the only guy i am in favor of getting if gillies.
1: i loooooove his 'stache.
2: guy's a lunatic.
3: seriously, that guy is "should be locked up" kind of crazy.

he wouldn't ask "would you like to throw down sir?", he'd just start punching. my VPN is borked but someone can go look for a video of gillies playing the KHL. guy trips the goalie on purpose, then when a guy from the other team approaches him, he starts wailing on the poor ****ing guy. it's hilarious in a terrifying way

crazy mofo

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