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03-04-2013, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by OrangeCrush28 View Post
The team has evolved quite a bit and IMO the current team is more quick and skilled players than goons. It's some fans and a lot of the media still trying to portray them as the big bad flyers
But seen against the Pens last year in the playoffs, Flyers still shine at playing old school Flyers hockey.

As for those who say Flyers have not won in a while playing with their classic style and that they should focus on skills, well in this day and age there's not one model really to look at and emulate and say "this is the winning formula". So if nobody has the ultimate solution, why not go to war with a great dose of physical intimidation? Hell the Flyers already have the past reputation to help them in that department, use it to your advantage and put the fear into your opponants.

The Bruins have done a stellar job at doing exactly that in recent years.

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