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03-04-2013, 01:03 AM
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Originally Posted by thefifagod View Post
I don't want to derail this GBU and turn this into a thread solely on the Kaleta hit because it takes away from this game. This was our best game in the last four in my opinion even though it's our only loss. But there aren't worse hits than that every game. He hit him clear as day in the numbers and Richards was set that way while Ennis turned at the last second and was much closer to the boards. The Girardi hit was bad but that doesn't take away that the Kaleta hit was pretty disgusting. That is something that needs to leave the game and he deserves a suspension (I'd say 3 games but I bet he gets 5 considering he got 4 for the Voracek headbutt). There has to be an onus on the player hitting him when he's angled that way for multiple seconds before hand. Honestly, he could have been paralyzed from that going head first or at the least destroyed his shoulder or collarbone. I couldn't believe he returned to the game.
pretty much this.

The Ennis hit was nothing in comparison. I'm so sick of guys turning their face to the glass when they know the hit is coming and that's exactly what Ennis did.

I don't think Kaleta had any intent whatsoever to do what he did. He barely touched him. It was just bad luck or something, Nash must've been off balance and that little tap caused him to lose it. Kaleta will get creamed bc of who he is and the way Nash went into the boards (really ugly).

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