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Originally Posted by NugentHopkinsfan View Post
Gillis shouldn't get anymore credit for signing Hamhius than Nonis got for signing Mitchell. Malhotra is another Gillis blunder, he could've signed him the year before he did for under 1 million, probably would've helped against the Hawks more than Wellwood did.

Gillis sure gets a lot of credit for a guy that's made no core moves and no coaching changes in 5 years and has just rode along riding the core that was already here and moving around the depth pieces.

Look at our best two lines tonight:

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Hansen Raymond Higgins

ONE of those 6 players is a Gills addition. This is 5 years since he got here and all the guys producing were already here. Both goalies were already here, can't seem to win without Bieksa and he was here, Edler plays the big minutes he was here.

AV works with what Gillis gives him. Which are basically depth players and guys from Florida.
Gillis good moves

-Signing Sundin

-re signing Kesler for 5 mil

re signing Burrows for 2 mil

signing hamhuis.

somehow scoring Erhoff from the sharks for virtually nothing

scoring Booth for nothing even though he hasnt really lived up to the hype

re signing edler for 5 mil

scoing Lappy and Higgins for virtually nothing.

trading hodgson for Kassian

Bad moves

Letting Sami Salo walk out when he clearly had a lot to offer still

Letting Willie Mitchell walk away , much to his chagrin

Letting Erhoff just walk out for nothing.

Not re signing Raymond and now has to pony up or lose him for nothing.

Almost letting the Sedins walk out, had to get on a plane and travel 14 hours to Sweden at the 11th hour . Had to go on bended knee with flowers to woo the Sedins back. He would have been FIRED if they became UFAs. What a disaster that would have been.

horrifying moves

Trading Grabner and a first round pick for a guy who is overpaid and not a top 4 defense man on your team. He may be a top 4 guy in florida, but not here. What a disaster for us and for Ballard . Hes wasted 3 years of his life on a team where there is no space for him.

And the granddaddy of all insane moves?

Singing Roberto Luongo to a 12 year 64 million dollar cap circumvention deal when he was already 31 years old. Its a move that is going to haunt us for the next decade. Regardless if we trade him we have to eat half his cap hit.

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