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03-04-2013, 01:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Wizeman View Post
Gillis good moves

-Signing Sundin

-re signing Kesler for 5 mil

re signing Burrows for 2 mil

signing hamhuis.

somehow scoring Erhoff from the sharks for virtually nothing

scoring Booth for nothing even though he hasnt really lived up to the hype

re signing edler for 5 mil

scoing Lappy and Higgins for virtually nothing.

trading hodgson for Kassian

Bad moves

Letting Sami Salo walk out when he clearly had a lot to offer still

Letting Willie Mitchell walk away , much to his chagrin

Letting Erhoff just walk out for nothing.

Not re signing Raymond and now has to pony up or lose him for nothing.

Almost letting the Sedins walk out, had to get on a plane and travel 14 hours to Sweden at the 11th hour . Had to go on bended knee with flowers to woo the Sedins back. He would have been FIRED if they became UFAs. What a disaster that would have been.

horrifying moves

Trading Grabner and a first round pick for a guy who is overpaid and not a top 4 defense man on your team. He may be a top 4 guy in florida, but not here. What a disaster for us and for Ballard . Hes wasted 3 years of his life on a team where there is no space for him.

And the granddaddy of all insane moves?

Singing Roberto Luongo to a 12 year 64 million dollar cap circumvention deal when he was already 31 years old. Its a move that is going to haunt us for the next decade. Regardless if we trade him we have to eat half his cap hit.
Not an MG defender (i'm okay with him) but I'll bite:

-No way letting Salo walk was a bad move (BTW GMMG inked him to a $2M deal for 2011-12). Fact is that he's very injury prone and already in his late 30's. He looked slow and wasn't handling his minutes with Edler well. He got off to a hot start with Tampa but he's slowed down. We could use him now, sure, but what about the next three years with a 3.5M cap hit that won't come off the books? With a lowered cap ceiling? That would've been very ugly for us.

-Mitchell walking was eh. The sentiment at the time was that he was injury prone and a headshot away from phoning it in. He managed to stay healthy for the Kings' Cup run but now he's on the shelf yet again. Not sure if he would've liked to be #5 or #6 in the depth chart, either, while he obviously played a big role for LA.

-Ehrhoff walking, I can definitively agree with you (we got a 4th rounder!!!). We lost a PMD that we never got around to replacing..

-Now, acquiring Ballard for what we gave up wasn't bad. I really liked Grabner's potential myself, but with AV around he wouldn't get a Top 6 chance meaning he'd be waiver material. Indeed, he was waived in Florida and it took the most cheapsskate, depleted organization to claim him and let him develop at his pace. Bernier was pretty much a dump and Oreskovich was worthless, so it was pretty much a late 1st for Ballard. Not bad even given his performance/handling, but it led to Ehrhoff walking.

Odd that I never watched much of Ballard but I knew that he wasn't going to fill that role simply by looking at his statsheet. Okay numbers for bottom feeders, but he wouldn't be a Top 4 or PP mainstay from the get go.

-With no one knowing how much Raymond's injury would affect his play, it was a fair gamble to give him a 1-year deal. Lest his back never fully heal and we be stuck with a chronically injured player for the long haul.

-Hardballing the Sedins was risky as hell, but it did yield two nice contracts so eh.

-The Luongo deal is tricky. It was signed when cap circumvention was in vogue and tying a goalie of his caliber for 5.33 was definitively a steal short-term and when his play would decline, he'd get sent to the minors or retire since there would be little money from him. Can't say GMMG could've predicted the change in the CBA, or that Schneider would turn out to be a very legit NHL starter, but I'm not holding him against this one as the deal did make sense at the time.

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